The Company

The origins of MEBUR S.A. date back to 1947. It operates in the field of agribusiness, being family-owned, and led by the third generation of the founding partners. It is especially oriented to the cultivation of barley, for which our country has particularly favourable conditions, Argentina being one of the world's leading exporters. In a suitable rotation, the company also grows wheat, sunflower, corn and soybeans. Specialties such as durum wheat, yellow and green peas, soybean seeds, chickpeas, and popcorn are also grown. Part of this production is given added value through agro-industrial agreements, and later exported. In addition, this intense productive activity is complemented by the rental of an office building and a logistics center that are both fully owned by the company.

Malting Barley

To ensure an optimum quality of crops, responding to the international markets’ hardest demands, MEBUR SA carefully selects the land to be rented, according to its background and the technological analysis of each lot’s present conditions. Its location is also evaluated: The Southeast of Buenos Aires province is perfect to ensure that the weather, the logistics of supplies and services, together with the storage processes and subsequent delivery to the port of export are optimal.

Although part of the production is commercialized locally under FAS conditions to exporters, or to local plants of large international malting companies; the proportion of barley that is directly exported under FOB conditions is growing, whether it is our own production, generated under associative conditions, or acquired from third parties.

The guarantee of traceability and compliance with the high standards requested by customers is one of the features that distinguish MEBUR SA.

Agribusiness Team

MEBUR SA maintains an experienced and valuable technical, commercial, and administrative team, who has been working together for several years

Josué Berman is the Team Leader, and also a member of the Board of Directors.

Hugo Cetrángolo, besides supervising the productive activities, participates in the strategy development for the different lines of businesses.

Camila De Vitis, oversees the Operational Coordination from Buenos Aires, with the support of Sofía Benedetti.

Luis Orieta, is responsible for the Accounting and Finance area, supported by a specialized team.

Fernando Sackmann, provides agronomic advice to the different cultivation areas.

In the city of Necochea, where most of the operational fields converge, and to facilitate our development in the area, Pamela Ortigoza, oversees the Field Coordination, with the support of a group of local specialists.

This qualified team employs state-of-the-art scientific and technological resources such as traceability assurance, soil nutrients analysis, strict quality control of supplies and products, use of Green Index, precision agriculture, variable fertilizations, selective herbicides sprayers, satellite and aerial surveillance and other cutting-edge technical applications, in addition to the most modern agricultural management and control systems available.

The Team

Cdor. Josué Berman
Josué Berman
Director and Team Leader

Ing. Agr. Hugo Cetrángolo
Eng. Hugo Cetrángolo
Senior Consultant

Lic. Sofía Benedetti
Sofía Benedetti
Operational Support

Ing. Fernando Sackmann
Eng. Fernando Sackmann
Field Adviser (Azul)
Ing. Pamela Ortigoza
Eng. Pamela Ortigoza
Field Coordination (Necochea)

Ethical Commitment

The directors, managers, permanent and transitory personnel, consultants, contractors and subcontractors, and their subordinates, are committed to:

  • Comply with all applicable regulations, considering the general interest and, in particular observing and exceeding environmental care regulations related to responsible use of supplies, preservation of biodiversity and sustainable use of soils.
  • Perform their duties with responsibility, professionalism, honesty, fairness, transparency and in a non-discriminatory way, maintaining the principles of corporate social responsibility.
  • Promote the development and continuous improvement of the company's activities, quality improvement, and the increase of its productivity and competitiveness; always oriented to exceed the customer’s expectations.
  • Keep a permanent attitude of tolerance, respect, cordiality, and care for the work environment; as well as motivating all participant stakeholders to pursue their professional and personal growth.


Foreign trade



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